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What differentiates BonoVox PR press release service from all the others is that we focus on the treatment of your entire message - not just words on the screen but a new way of establishing your image and brand. We use design blocks to build beautiful press releases that help you stand apart.

We specialize in image-heavy, asset-rich press releases. Please see our complete list of design blocks and descriptions below.


Silver Press Release Design Blocks

Header - Headers are the most crucial component in our press releases because they are the first thing people see. We use brilliant, colorful headers to attract readers to your story and offer hundreds of styles.

Features - Features help break your press release into manageable sections for readers to enjoy. Features also help slow readers down, providing an effective way to hold their attention for an extended period.

Lists - Lists help you add more content to a press release without overwhelming the reader. Lists help keep the reader focused on one thing at a time, allowing them to reveal information as they are ready for it. List types include Toggles, Accordions, Timelines, Tabs, Tabs w/ image, Tables, FAQs, Schedules, and more.

Quotes - Quotes in a press release give it credibility by offering information directly from the primary sources involved in the story. Using quotes in a press release also brings a personal touch and a more human side to your press release.

Images - They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That certainly is true with online communications. Using images in a press release gives your story a visual impact. We use images in a press release to help form a visually compelling narrative.

Image Galleries - Image galleries enable you to add multiple images to your press release without needing more space. Great pictures provoke user reactions and interactions. We use image galleries in a press release to help deliver more images in a limited space. Adding a photo gallery will make your press release more attractive, engaging visitors to increase their time reading your story.

Gold Press Release Design Blocks

All Silver Press Release Design Blocks, plus:

Social Share Links - The easier it is for people to share your press release, the more exposure it will get across your social channels. Social share links enable readers to share your press release on the web quickly without copying and pasting links or text. We use social share links in a press release to help continue the conversation.

Social Follow Links - Integrating social media channels into your press release lets readers see what else you're talking about online and helps you build your audience across social platforms.

Calls-to-Action - The ultimate goal of any digital marketing strategy is to get users to take immediate action. Practical call-to-action buttons on our press releases help get the reader's attention. Select from Call, Email, SMS, Buy, and Coupon delivery buttons.

Image Sliders - We use image sliders to deliver multiple large image files to readers with ease. Select from boxed, full-width, and full-page sliders.

Videos - When it comes to multi-media communications, videos represent the pinnacle of what's possible. Select from boxed, full-width, and full-page video containers to engage your audience with the most impact.

Brands & People - Highlighting people and companies in a press release is a great way to attract readers. We offer stylish ways to display Reviews & Testimonials, Brand logos, Group & Team Photos, Speakers, Participants, etc.

Maps - Help readers find you fast with full-width, full-color, or black & white maps powered by Google.

Direct Downloads - Direct downloads are for large media files served directly from BonoVox PR. We designed our servers to handle heavy files, such as Ultra HD video, to take the burden off companies with restricted bandwidth.

Platinum Press Release Design Blocks

All Silver & Gold Press Release Design Blocks, plus:

Embeds - We love widgets as much as anyone. When they are an appropriate fit for a press release, we embed things such as stock tickers, Spotify Playlists, Soundcloud players, mp3 players, and more.

Numbers - Use the Numbers Design Block when displaying information in incremental status. Anything from Countdown clocks, History (timelines), and Progress Bars to Stats, Achievements, Steps, and Skills.

Custom Forms - Encourage feedback from readers with custom Contact Forms, Polls, Support, and Info Request Forms, Enter-to-Win Contests, Email-to-Download, and Email-to-Subscribe.

Banners - Grab attention without detracting from the press release itself. Great for enhancing the general message of the press release. Or emphasizing certain important information in the press release. Banner Design Blocks include the choice of full-width and color gradients.

Menus & Rates - Communicating prices and fees in a press release can be cumbersome if you only use text. Our Menu and Rates Design Blocks let you display Price Tables, Payment Methods, and Menu Pricing in a clean, professional layout.

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