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We are different by design

We are a creative Public Relations agency with an eye for design. At BonoVox PR, we like to say, "we are different by design." We rely on over fifteen years of experience helping our clients tell authentic stories across the digital landscape. Today, our goal is to disrupt the current online press release industry by creating press releases that help our clients communicate more effectively to interested readers online using unique and compelling design elements. We work with clients from all walks of life. Still, our trendsetting press releases are a favorite among the fashion, gaming, food & beverage, finance, medical, and entertainment industries.

BonoVox PR


"Bono Vox" is Latin for "strong voice." We felt it was the perfect name for a small PR agency starting in Rome, Italy, in 2007. Today, we operate from Los Angeles, but our goal remains to promote your stories and news to a discerning audience growing every day. Over the years, we have become known for our aesthetic as much as our approach. In the summer of 2022, we launched our press wire, serving an even more diverse group of clients.


Style-conscious brands and agencies realize their press impacts their brand. We work with agencies, businesses, and organizations across various industries to help them position their message in front of a broad and engaging audience.


We are a boutique agency represented by a small group of publicists, writers, editors, and digital designers. We offer traditional public relations services, emphasizing press release design and distribution.


• Content creation
• Multi-Channel Press releases
• Press release syndication
• Archived Press

Public Relations

• Reputation Mgnt.
• Media relations
• Social media
• Outreach
• Online profiles

Press Wire

We launched the BonoVox PR press wire in response to traditional online press release services that didn't represent us well. We discovered a lot of sterile press distribution websites that don't use the digital landscape well - very few images, videos, and other media that really should be in play. We think press releases should be beautiful.

We designed our press wire to accommodate image-heavy, asset-rich press releases.

We offer the latest design elements to help tell your story as effectively and efficiently as possible. First, we make your press look amazing. Then we position it in front of interested readers, bloggers, and journalists looking for content related to your industry or story.

We use HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, and PHP to design visual interactive press releases that help position our clients in the best possible light to a targeted audience. We offer a giant selection of royalty-free images, aka stock photography, to use free with every press release. We created a beautiful, bold place for our press releases and yours. One that makes you look your best at a price within reach.

"We searched for a press wire as attractive as the press releases we wanted to distribute, and we couldn't find one. So, we created our own."

BonoVox PR

We see press differently

Newsworthy v. press-worthy. Seize the difference.

When it comes to press releases, we believe it's essential to understand the difference between newsworthy v. press-worthy and then exploit the opportunities a great press release can provide. When people are more focused on getting picked up by a major news outlet, they miss the opportunities that a press release offers. They pay for the opportunity or chance to get significant news coverage, and they take their eye off the many benefits consistent press coverage can give them.

Attractive, engaging, usable press that reaches targeted audiences can benefit you more than a news story because news stories are fleeting. Elegant, effective, and affordable press releases enable you to build an audience over time. We want your press to get "picked up" by news outlets, journalists, and bloggers. We recommend our clients don't quit after sending out one press release because it "didn't make the news." Instead, we believe building a library of press for your brand at BonoVox PR is a great way to establish your company's image over the long term. We believe where you put your press matters. Our press releases are designed, not automated. They are visually compelling and engaging pieces that present a clear picture of your business or organization when aggregated over time.

Set your press apart

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Steven Tavelli - Pizzeria Rossa

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